Case Studies


Pearson Education

logoWe had been working for Pearson as preferred picture contractor for a few years when they needed help managing their new school video projects.

Video experts for publishers

Image Placeholder Pearson selected Zooid as we could promise a complete and simple online digital workflow that was identical to their existing photo workflow, abandoning dependence on freelancers, logsheets and boxes of viewing tapes.

  • unique digital workflow
  • free digitising of analogue video
  • online play and select
  • photos and footage in one integrated seamless workflow
  • fixed rate footage licensing
  • contractual arrangements with all major footage and photo archives
  • expertise in all analogue and digital formats
  • management and payment of all technical requirements
  • video editing
  • video shooting
  • encoding

As a consequence, Zooid are now engaged with more parts of the Pearson empire in both the UK and USA, providing a full media service for schools resources, teaching aids, English language teaching (ELT) etc.


logoZooid had already worked with Tinopolis on broadcast documentaries, so when they landed extensive BBC contracts for online schools project activities, we were a natural choice to manage the complex sourcing, supply and licensing for all the photos and footage required for the flagship national websites.


National educational resources online

Image PlaceholderImage Placeholder We provided an online resource that enabled educators, editors, project managers, producers and publishers to work collaboratively in the selection and approval of hundreds of photos and video clips (digitised at Zooid), and feed the chosen master assets automatically into the precise production elements.

  • enabled collaborative working for dispersed team
  • free digitisation of assets for online selection
  • organisation of complex project management
  • integration with client workflow
  • sourcing from over 1500 programmes

Tinopolis continue to be an important partner in large projects in several important sectors: broadcast, interactive media, educational publishing and museums. Zooid's unqiue Picture Desk system provides a level of management and expertise that most clients find essential and all find hugely beneficial.