Case Studies


Indepedent Production Fund for WGBH

logologoRecommended by a former BBC TV producer, Independent Productions in New York commissioned Zooid to research archive footage and stills for the world renowned WGBH documentary strand, Frontline. The subject was 'Muslims' and when 9/11 struck, the programme went into overdrive to become a two-hour special driven by much of the Zooid-researched footage.

US TV documentary - escalates massively after 9/11

    • British and American archives integrated into simple supply chain
    • Fixed rate licensing agreements for all US, UK and worldwide sources
    • Out-of-house management of all technical requirements
    • Additional research resources added as programme grows
    • Complex third party licensing
    • Integration of exclusive late news footage

      The producers were delighted to see the Atlantic melt away as they selected photos and footage online and Zooid cleared all the rights and delivered the master material direct to the edit in New York ready for broadcast - on time and on budget, always.Muslims poster


logoBy the time the BBC asked us to research and license all the archive content for a History of Iraq, Zooid had already established something of a reputation for researching terrorism around the world, and uncovering photos and footage that shed light on the murky new reality coming to light for the first time.

TV documentary - War: no problem

Image PlaceholderProducers in Northern Ireland needed an out-of-house department to manage all the photo and footage content of this history. Suddenly the Second Gulf War broke out and our brief grew daily as the project mushroomed. Our management system didn't skip a beat and despite huge changes to the programme, everything ran smoothly and went to air on the same date as had been scheduled in peacetime.

  • On-demand media department
  • Zooid's Picture Desk project management system naturally geared for big project changes
  • Live reporting of project, research, delivery, licensing and budget
  • Geographic location of Zooid irrelevant (sourcing in London, Belfast, New York, Jerusalem etc.)
  • Up scaling research team to manage project growth
  • On time delivery despite doubling project size

The producers in Belfast were so happy that we have worked with them many times since this project: several Middle East histories and a Panorama.