Case Studies


Horrod and Harris for Adidas

logoHorrod and Harris knew us from several earlier corporate videos, so they knew where to come when they were asked to provide a high-profile presentation for Adidas's press conference with star football coach, Jose Mourinho.

Press Prestige

Image Placeholder Non-disclosure and embargo are key components of most commercial projects, but none more so than a surprise press conference with a sporting star when all the world wanted to know what his next step would be...

  • secrecy
  • urgent research
  • online selection and approval by dispersed global team
  • deadline guarantee
  • fixed rate
  • copyright clearance
  • licensing in advance

Shell International

logoCurrent events require rapid response in corporate communications. The script was still at the back-of-an-envelope stage, but the producers needed to get some ideas on what Zooid would find to illustrate it, and they needed answers in 30 minutes.

Rapid Business - script to cutting room in 7 days

Image PlaceholderZooid's brainstormed footage, photo and newspaper archive ideas which were hastily written to the same envelope, and after 20 minutes telephone discussion with the client, we had agreed an action plan and research was underway to provide assets straight to Beta masters (bypassing screener selections) and were with our facilities house by Friday for digitisation over the weekend, ready for online editing on Monday and rapid delivery to the corporation.

  • rapid visual scripting
  • immediate deployment of researchers
  • in-house selection to match script
  • script-to-master workflow
  • unique full digital asset supply regardless of source
  • expert project and asset management
  • photos, footage, newspapers, illustration etc. integrated in simple supply
  • unique automated EDL analysis for licensing
  • long-term licensing management of assets (further rights and project usage)

When Shell need assets that they don't hold in-house, they come to Zooid. They don't have time for anything other than the guarantees that only Zooid is capable of offering. And their experience proves that Zooid delivers every time.