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New interactive online delivery

Dear Colleagues,

Online delivery
After exhuastive development and testing, we now announce the delivery of our new interactive online selection, commenting and ordering tool.

As online researchers, we well knew what we needed. In addition, we have listened closely to the particular needs of our clients and partners.

The result is a revolution that we believe will make your work easier, happier and more efficient.

1. Arriving HOME
our Dashboard explains the icons.
Just hit START to get going....

you can also ORDER from this Home page, and even review how many of the assets have been selected / rejected by each of the four different logins available to your team.

  • 2. THUMBNAIL results
  • mouse-over shows image/frame large
  • the fields below give filename; Research/Illustration number; your brief
  • select/deselect box
  • icons indicate whether the asset has been selected, if a note is attached, if the picture is free, if it has been ordered

    Clicking an image takes you to the
  • large image
  • video plays (with controls)
  • fields give filename; Research/Illustration number; your brief; caption; video duration
  • select/deselect box
  • Zooid notes (eg. any copyright / price / delivery alerts)
  • Client notes (created by you and timestamped with your login name by our system)
  • Email Zooid (communicate directly with your researcher about this asset)

    If you prefer (eg, in a selection meeting), you can also review assets as a
    4. SlideShow
  • and when you're ready to carry on...

use the forward/back arrows to procced to the next/previous illustration number OR use the keyword search OR combine the two.

At some point you may wish to review what you have selected: in the Display area, change the status to "selected" and hit Filter to view selections made for any Login; or view the rejects...

If you are working in batches, the system also carries an order history, so you can't order the same pictures twice in error!

We hope that you'll enjoy this so much that you won't even know you're working!



Zooid brings top researchers, unparalleled expertise and a unique project / asset management system to solve every aspect of a client's media content needs, in a simple online customised fixed-rate package that consistently surpasses client expectations.

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