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We are immensely proud of what we do and of the many great testimonials that clients have posted to us. Here are just a few...


  • Ruth Thomas, Galore Park Publishing

    The service you provide is always faultless. All the work you’ve done has been exceptional and really couldn’t be better. You have no idea how much easier you make the process of sourcing images!

  • Simon Mason, Publisher, Greenwood World Publishing

    … great selection, and none of the hassle of dealing with copyright holders, art galleries and left-over invoices. Hi-tech, knowledgeable, resourceful and organised, they take all my difficulties away. And they're extremely friendly too!

  • Tim Jones, Art Director, harvard University Press

    We couldn't have done it without you — and that's a ridiculous understatement. I am truly, deeply grateful to everyone at Zooid.

  • Alison Findlay, Senior Managing Art Editor, Oxford University Press

    I have no concerns about supply or quality of images when working with Zooid.  Zooid’s professionalism is appreciated not only by myself, but also by my editors, authors and designers.

  • Mark Seymour, Science Editor, Oxford University Press

    You do a fantastic job on every project we work together on, and your commitment and willingness to go the extra mile have been appreciated by me and all here at OUP. Thank you!

  • CAROLE edwards, Managing Art Editor, Oxford University Press

    Thank goodness Zooid exists!

  • Jane Smith, Media Manager, Pearson Education

    We have been really impressed with how organised Zooid have been with all the projects they have worked on for us. They are really professional and take so much of the stress out of a project.


    "your involvement in the Image of the Black Re-Publication Project, has been tremendous, indispensable and crucial to the project's success..
    You guys made that book the work of art that it is.  I can never thank you enough.  And we look forward to working with you again, soon."

  • DoNAld yacovone, research manager, W.E.B. DU BOIS INSTITUTE, HARVARD

    "Oh, wonderful. You people are miracle workers."

  • SUSAN BLAIR, Director of Photography, National Geographic Society

    "We are all very happy with the material you have been providing.
    You have supplied a wonderful variety of images!"


  • John Deering, Producer, BBC TV

    ZOOID did a fantastic job in sourcing, pricing and delivering the material to me on a tight schedule. A very professional outfit and easy to work with. I'd have no hesitation about working with them again.

  • John Schwally, Producer, Independent Production Fund, New York

    Richard Philpott and Zooid were instrumental in finding and clearing footage from around the world. In fact, they even took care of licenses here in the U.S. without a hitch. Zooid helped us concentrate on filming and editing without having to think twice about archival research and clearances.


  • Chris Hyder, Managing Director, Carrington Caunter

    I have used Zooid on a number of occasions to research archive footage and I have always found the service excellent on research, admin and cost.

  • Jo radford, Senior producer, cheerful scout

    "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your hard work on the project, we couldn't have done it without you.  You pulled together a great collection of material in an incredibly short amount of time and the finished film was signed off by a very happy client at the end of yesterday.
    We'll definitely be contacting you again!"

  • Kim Harris, Horrod & Harris

    Great services as usual.

  • Nathalie Van Wilsem Vos, CX Film and Video, Shell INTERNATIONAL

    Just want to inform you that today the video was shown to the global audience and they all loved it.
    Thank you for all the hard work you and your colleagues put into it..


  • Fflur Pughe, University of Wales

    Thanks again for your work on this project. It has been very efficient and fast moving.


  • Jo Barker-Marsh, Producer, Graham English & Co Ltd (for international Slavery Museum, Liverpool)

    The massive support that the Zooid team gave us was invaluable. They advised us of availability and budget, worked tirelessly to clear the rights and ensured that we had wonderful material to edit. I would recommend them to my clients and suppliers and most certainly work with them again from concept to completion.

  • John Agnone, Scripps College of Communication, Ohio University

    "Your operation is awesome"

Online/New Media

  • Macmillan education

    "The prototype is looking great – it's a fantastic level of quality for a first prototype."

  • Mike Flood Page, Editorial Director, Illumina Digital Ltd

    Zooid are highly knowledgeable and experienced. They are able to deal directly and confidently with consultants and experts as well as archives worldwide. Zooid delivers without fail. Having Zooid manage the entire research, transfers and licensing package simplifies life no-end. They are nice guys to deal with and the process couldn’t be simpler.

  • James Magrane, Producer, New Media & Video, Oxford University Press

    Trouble free and simple to use - and please quote me!

  • Mark seymour, commissioning editor - new media, Oxford University Press

    The video was a key part of the offering, and all three courses have undoubtedly benefited from the way we have been able to work with you. Thank you for your dedication, as always, and for you and everyone at Zooid being such a pleasant and professional team to work with!