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Asset Management

Zooid uses cutting-edge digital technologies in picture research, footage research & asset management, enabling you to increase efficiency, productivity and profit.

Picture Management Solutions

Utilising the unique efficiencies and ROI benefits of our in-house project and asset mangement system, Picture Desk.

Picture Desk

Is a picture and footage management system, developed by Zooid over many years, to automate all the tasks in a media department, providing efficient production, and enabling Zooid to guarantee our clients' schedules and budgets.


All aspects of the media publishing process are incorporated into a single simple system, Picture Desk.

Total Solution

Picture Desk integrates briefing, budgeting, researching, ordering, delivering and returning assets, production & reprographics management, picture and footage archiving, fee negotiations, licensing and invoicing. It also tracks all assets, requests, projects, licences, budgets and schedules.

Client Friendly

Picture Desk is customised to meet the specific requirements of individual clients - adding functions and eliminating additional tasks that refer directly to your own working methods.
Picture Desk works with common production software, such as InDesign, Quark, Avid and Final Cut, to integrate seamlessly into your workflow.


Located in central London - close to the archives and the airports.
We work with you in person or on-line - whatever your picture requirements need, providing solutions efficiently and inexpensively.