Zooid MEDIA HUB - services

Zooid researches, shoots, licences and manages all your media needs


With a fully-fledged team of world-class content research professionals, Zooid ensures that clients are serviced with the very best options sourced from content libraries around the globe - and we'll go the extra mile to find the rarest and most elusive assets.


With decades of film and TV production experience, Zooid will meet all of your video and photo demands. We'll shoot, edit and manage any video or photographic content you need, sourcing actors, props, locations and crew and overseeing the process from brief to edit to final cut.


We'll make sure that you have the correct licenses and rights clearances thanks to our extensive in-house legal and copyright expertise - you can have complete confidence that any work undertaken by Zooid will be 100% risk-free. We will also carry out any re-licensing and clearance extensions if required, regardless of whether or not the original licenses were acquired through Zooid.


Our PictureDesk digital asset management (DAM) package offers the complete management solution, keeping accurate records of all the work that we undertake, cataloguing all the content and providing a smooth and stress-free online asset selection system for our clients.


If you require specific content to be commissioned, we've got the contacts for the job. Our broad network of photographers, illustrators, animators, designers and filmmakers are ready to realise your ideas and exceed your expectations.