Zooid MEDIA HUB - sources

Zooid researches, shoots, licences and manages all your media needs


We research, license and manage photo assets from countless libraries and independent sources worldwide, from stock and studio shots to forgotten archive gems (10,000 sources and counting!).
We have a proven track record in locating even the most obscure and elusive assets (been rediscovering paintings lost since World War 2!) - and if we can't source the photo you need, we'll produce it for you, either in-house or commissioned from our extensive network of trusted photographers.


Our in-house video research and rights management expertise is second-to-none - we'll ensure you are serviced with top-end video content and we'll deal with all of the accompanying complex 3rd party rights and licensing efficiently and meticulously.

Should your project require newly commissioned video material, we've have expert producers, directors and technicians and in-house video editing experts ready to meet all your AV requirements, from sourcing actors, locations and crews to shoot management to final edits and DVD authoring. We'll realise your video projects to an exceptional standard - no matter how ambitious!


If it's illustration you're after, look no further: we'll mine the world's top illustration libraries to find the content you require, and if we can't find it, we'll locate the illustrator with the right aesthetic for your project from our network of creative contacts.
We also hold over 10,000 illustrations as stock and provide you with an online portfolio to select artists or view illustrators that we shortlist for your specific needs.
Our online portal enables you to have you to review each stage of the approval process, from the first roughs to the finished article, ensuring that your product has the exact look that you need.


Zooid offers a range of animation solutions to meet your needs, from sourcing stock clips to creating animations in-house.
Animated clips for presentations, interactive installations, e-learning solutions and more - our animation team keeps abreast of new and emerging trends and technologies to deliver cutting-edge content to suit all purposes.


We can manage and clear the licenses and rights for text, music and lyrics, so that you can rest assured that any text-based content you intend to use in your projects has been correctly licensed - 100% risk-free.