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Get Animated!

Get animated!

Dear Colleagues,

Nothing stops....

What?s this all about?
The world is in motion! NOTHING STOPS, 24/7 ? but print?
Print has moved online and is now moving too!

In addition to photos, footage, and illustration, Zooid now adds life to your cartoons, your graphics... even your statistics.
Whether in Flash or HTML5, our video and animation productions combine music, illustration, graphics, photos, footage and interactivity in one file
Indeed HTML5 removes the need for cumbersome Flash or Java plugins too. And it is platform and browser agnostic, enabling interaction on any device.

Why should I care?
60% of people will more readily stay on a screen with motion than one with just text
Motion engages your audience
Interactivity can actively educate
Animated diagrams, charts and graphs produce clarity
An animated introduction produces click-throughs to more pages

Animation, interactivity and games are now more compelling than ever.
Production is now simpler and cheaper - and the results can be viewed anywhere.

Viewers of all ages now expect motion content - and animation may be your most effective means to achieve it.

Please go to our Resources page to download this and other papers

publishers, broadcasters, museums and corporates
photos or footage or illustration, precisely researched for online selection and delivery, copyright cleared, licences paid, prices fixed, schedules and budgets guaranteed
your projects contain the exact content they need, in full, delivered seamlessly into your own workflow

Zooid brings top researchers, unparalleled footage expertise and a unique project / asset management system to solve every aspect of a client’s media content needs, in a simple online customised fixed-rate package that consistently surpasses client expectations.

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Published 21 February, 2014 by Richard Philpott