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Curriculum Challenge


Dear Colleagues,

The national curriculum is changing
- and even the date it was to change has changed!

We have been given a little breathing room, however, as the devil is in the detail:
The new revised curriculum for for English, Maths, the Sciences & PE will be introduced in Autumn 2014, instead of 2013, for example.

This will heavily affect publisher's workflows and workloads, requiring more professional skills, and more staff time, with all hands to the pumps trying to create and refine the excellent core and supporting curriculum material.

Zooid can source, license and manage your Picture, Illustration, Video and Text requirements for all your publishing needs ? so you don't have to:
? research / shoot your content needs
? manage all copyright and licensing permissions (including 3rd Party and payments)
? put the media online for you to easily choose, download and order
? plug directly into your workflow, using your exact production conventions
? guarantee your budget and your schedules
? provide an unbeatable value in an imaginative, friendly service.

For over 30 years Zooid has provided top researchers, unparalleled expertise and a unique project / asset management system to solve every aspect of a client's media content needs, in a simple online customized fixed-rate package that consistently surpasses client expectations.

Please check our extensive educational publishing client list and case studies

For queries or assistance in your picture and licensing, please speak to Zooid:
Email pictures@zooid.co.uk
Website www.zooid.co.uk
Phone +44 207 267 9990



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Published Monday, 21 May, 2012 by Richard Philpott